Groovy Glitter Flasks


Glitter flasks come in Leopard, Bubblegum Pink or Black. Stainless steel interior. Use to carry your beverages. Oval stainless steel badge on front is perfect for engraving your personal flask with your initials. 6 fluid oz. size.

Animal Print Diary


Record all your notes, thoughts and secrets in cheetahlicious style! Fuzzy animal print diary comes with separate key in case you want to keep it locked, but can be used without by simply closing the metal latch. Diary is 3.75″ x 5″. Comes autographed inside with our special message: “Growl Power Forever!”

Cheetah-licious Stationery


Blank sheets of ivory glossy stationery with cheetah-licious border! 81/2 inch x 11 inch sheets of glossy leopard cheetah stationery paper are perfect for writing letters or creating invites for events befitting of a spotted diva, announcements or cheetah girls parties!

Cheetah Gift Card

Need a cheetahlicious card enclosed? We’ll provide it in an envelope. Cheetahlicious card and plain white envelope will be sent blank. If this is a gift purchase, then under the prompt “Special Instructions” on order form, tell us what you want to write on envelope and inside card.

Cheetahlicious Pencils


No gift bag is complete without a cheetahlicious pencil with an eraser.


Sending someone a present(s)? We’ll send the present(s) gift -wrapped in cheetah paper and bow. This service is offered only for presents going to a different shipping address than the billing address supplied.

Cheetah Velboa fake fur fascinator cocktail hat


Cheetah Velboa fake fur fascinator cocktail hat bordered with mink poms. Elastic band secures cocktail hat for stay-put style.  $29.99

Cheetahlicious Headbands

  • Pink cheetah princess style headband is tres femme for a true cheetah girl. Twice the pink cheetah: made in both a cotton fabric or a fuzzy faux fur fabric.
  • Jungle brown cheetah princess style headband is natural for a true cheetah girl. Twice the jungle brown cheetah: made in both a cotton fabric or a fuzzy faux fur fabric.
  • We love zebra almost as much as cheetah: These handcrafted headbands are black and white faux fur zebra-licious.

Handcrafted by Deborah Gregory of Cheetahrama.

Medium Width Headband

Pink Cotton Cheetah

hot pink cotton twill

Black Faux Fur

Cotton Snow Leopard

Burgundy Cheetah

Golden Velveteen Cheetah

Wide Width Headband

brown fuzzy cheetah

brown cotton cheetah

Turquoise Cotton Cheetah

faux fur zebra

Brown Rayon Cheetah


The Cheetah Girls by Deborah Gregory is a cheetahlicious 16-book tween novel series (which were adapted into three Disney Channel original movies!!) and are available in e-books on and Barnes and

They’re spicier than hot sauce and as cool as iced cappuccino. The Cheetah Girls outshine any diamond with their supa-dupa inner sparkle! Now see how it all began in the first books of the series starring Galleria, Chanel, Dorinda, Anginette, and Aquanette. Each bind-up features four Cheetah-licious tales about girls having guts, brains, courage, and friends (while flashin’ some style and always shining from the heart).

Wishing on a Star


Shop in the Name of Love


Who’s ‘Bout to Bounce?


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