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POUNCE ON IT, PRONTO!! Finalmente, the entire Catwalk trilogy has pounced onto bookshelves everywhere as well as and!!

Catwalk, Catwalk: Strike A Pose and Catwalk: Rip the Runway (900 pages)
ISBN #: 978-0-375-89747-4) $9.99

The Catwalk trilogy, from the bestselling author of THE CHEETAH GIRLS, follows the riveting fashion ride of aspiring fashionistas at the prestigious Fashion International High School in New York City as they compete in the year-long process of preparing for the annual Catwalk fashion show competition. These are not just any students, they’re fashion students who are ready to rip the runway in order to scratch the surface of their respective careers whether they’re intent on becoming models, designers, photographers, illustrators, or have an eye for visual merchandising. Among the fashion forward students: there’s strategically poised and studious 15-year-old Pashmina Purrstein who is determined to have it all. That’s right, a self-described, “modelpreneur” which in Catwalk code means a professional model who gets a leg up on the competition by branding herself and building a fashion empire. At home, of course, Pashmina must deal with the ordinary woes of being the much-depended on older sister and strong support for her hard-working single mother who can’t get through the day without a heavy dose of WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) in her duties as assistant manager at Forgotten Diva Boutique on Madison Avenue. Adding more frenetic energy to the fashion fray: Pashmina’s ally, Nole Canoli–the genius 16-year-old aspiring designer, who in his own words is destined to become the next Gianni Versace, his idol who is resting (but not on his laurels) in fashion heaven. It’s a fashion show competition, so that means there are fashion foes in every opposing camp. Seriously? With prizes this big (the winning team, get’s what? That’s right–an all-expense paid trip somewhere over the fashion rainbow where the lucky members of the winning team will get to stage their fashion show a second time!!) it’s to be expected! Perhaps the foe-est of them all is star voguer, Willi Ninja, Jr., who can pose his way into any fashion equation that spells success. Then there’s well-connected Anna Rex who would be the most well connected if it wasn’t for Shalimar Jackson of the other Jackson dynasty. Leave it to Shalimar to have Jimmy Choo on speed dial till the other shoe drops–literally. In the end, let’s just say, the winning team of the Catwalk Competition really will take all. Meowch!

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